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Thoughtful Design

I like to provide functional, clean and simple design. I believe that successful mobile apps are uncluttered, intuitive and easy to use.

Thorough Understanding

Excellent design begins with fully understanding the purpose of the app and the specific needs and behaviours of the user.

Native iOS Development

Once the design is complete, I will code your app using native Xcode. We will work together to make your ideas come to life.

Comprehensive Testing

I test my apps thoroughly and meticulously to ensure that the end product is responsive and bug free.


About codeDependent Software

codeDependent Software is my small iOS App Development and Consulting company based in Ottawa, Ontario.

I like to take on small to medium sized mobile projects where I can focus on producing high quality, well designed iOS Apps.

Evelyn Eldridge

Evelyn Eldridge

Mobile App Developer (iOS)
Evelyn Eldridge

Evelyn Eldridge

Mobile App Developer (iOS)

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Recent iOS Projects


Carl Can Divide


Carl Can Divide is an adorable math game aimed for children to practice division up to 12 x 12.  Bonus levels include recognizing square roots and prime numbers.

Teachers can assign levels to students and the app will generate a report that can be mailed back to the teacher with the tap of a button.  Teachers can easily assess and monitor student progress.

Multiply 2048 Style


This adaptation of the classic 2048 game helps players to master their times tables while having fun with the popular 2048 style game.  Each level highlights multipliers up to 12 times.

12345 - Math Number Sequence Game

Math Game for iPhone

A fun and easy way for children to practicing counting and ordering number skills.  Practice ordering numbers in ascending and descending order.



Dodoname is a software technology that allows users to register for any product or service using an anonymous and safe alternative to a regular email address.  All email sent to your Dodoname can be viewed using the Dodoname Mobile App or the Dodoname website.

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