How To Play

Select the range of numbers that your child is comfortable with.

You can select the speed as well.

Select a Level


Choose the range of numbers for your child to practice.  Practice putting numbers in ascending or descending order.

Choose your Speed

Adjust the Speed

Choose the speed that your child is comfortable with.

Don't let the time run out


Just tap numbers in the correct order.  A new set of numbers will appear.  Keep going until the time runs out!

12345 - Math Number Sequence Game

Use the Magic Wand

If you need more time, tap the magic wand to reset the clock.

Love Numbers

Counting and number sequence are the very basics needed for success in math. Give your child an advantage and encourage them to Love Numbers!


Why 12345 - Math Number Sequence Game Works

Children will love playing this game and they won’t even realize that they are learning their times tables at the same time.


Your child will have to correctly order the numbers to succeed in this game. They cannot just mindlessly tap away and hope to win.


The choice of levels, speed and ascending or descending order encourage your child to play again and again to improve their scores and earn achievements.


12345 - Math Number Sequence Game is simple and addictively fun to play.


Learning to Count is More than just Reciting

Children who understand how to count and order numbers perform better in school than those who just learn to recite the numbers.  Understanding the relationship between numbers and being comfortable with number order, gives preschoolers an advantage for success in math.
Often children learn to recite their numbers up to 10, but number skills beyond 10 tend to be weak or non existent.
Counting with your children and discussing the concept of more and less will help your child to understand the relationship between numbers.  When reading with your child, try counting the number of dogs in the park or children on a bus.

How does 12345 - Math Number Sequence Game Improve My Child's Math Skills?

12345 – Math Number Sequence Game is a simple game that encourages your child to “play” with numbers.  There are several factors that drive your child to play again and again, such as racing against the clock at various speeds, increasing the difficulty and reversing the order. Each change in difficulty give your child a chance to do better than the game before.

Apple’s Game Centre leaderboards and achievements allow for friendly competition and a means to measure progress with 12345 – Math Number Sequence Game.


Music By: Rory Gardiner