Carl Can Divide

Carl Can Divide is an entertaining and educational game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Kids will enjoy showing off their math skills, as they help Carl the fish along his journey on the ocean floor. This app offers a fun challenge for children ages 10 and up, as they hone their division skills; as well as their knowledge of square roots, and prime numbers.

Carl Can Divide leads kids through an exciting challenge under the waves, aiding Carl in his journeys along the way. Carl is a very smart fish, he’s especially good at division. Carl’s friend Amy loves it when Carl solves math problems for her. It delights her so much, that she gives Carl a prize for each level he correctly completes.

To begin, players select a divisor, for example: “5.” Then the journey begins, as Carl the happy fish progresses across the screen. Bubbles float up from the ocean floor that contain numbers. Players must swipe their finger on the bubbles containing numbers that are evenly divisible by the number they selected. Swipe the correct bubble, and Carl advances across the screen a bit and the player racks up points. Miss swiping too many of the correct answers, or swipe too many of the bubbles containing the wrong answers, and Carl will have to end his journey in order to hide from the “bad guys,” who include sharks, jellyfish, mantas, and more.

The challenge increases with every successful journey. Players begin the game by attempting to select only the number bubbles divisible evenly by 10. Then they advance level by level, by looking for numbers divisible by 5, 2, 11, 4, 9, 3, 6, 8, 8, 7, and 12. If the player successfully navigates those waters, they’ll take on square roots, and primes.

New users can make use of the short, yet informative tutorial, which tells them all about Carl and his friend Amy, as well as showing them how to play the game. The animated tutorial offers a sample of the same entertaining graphics, animation, and sound effects that players will enjoy while playing the actual game.

“My personal goal is to increase our kids’ proficiency in recalling multiplication and division facts,” says developer Evelyn Eldridge. “These are areas that I feel hinder future success in math. I see this over and over, where kids struggle with math in later years because they cannot recognize simple math facts. ‘Carl Can Divide’ helps a child’s recall of math facts, rewarding them with entertaining gameplay, a place on the leaderboard, and virtual prize awards each time they help Carl safely make his journey.”

Each level of play in “Carl” lasts only a few minutes, making it easy for kids to play, “just one more level,” before dinner or bedtime. While the game is easy to understand, and kids can easily figure out what they have to do to succeed, it also presents a steadily increasing challenge, pushing the child to improve their math skills.


Tracking a player’s progress is a breeze, via the concise, one-page report that can be generated and sent via email to parents and teachers. The report displays the various levels of the game the child has participated in, their best score for the level, and their average score. In addition, the report also indicates how many times a level has been played, how long the child played, which answers they missed tapping, and which incorrect answers they tapped. All of the information offers an excellent report on a child’s increasing ability with division and multiplication facts.

As well as local tracking of accomplishments, the game also awards random virtual prizes at the successful completion of each level. In addition, the game is Game Center compatible, allowing kids to view their accomplishments, and view where they rank compared to other players around the world, challenging them to improve their score.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 9.0 and higher
* Universal Application