Pickleball Play

Pickleball Play

Organize a league or a group of recreational players in minutes. No more shuffling paddles, winners and losers boxes.

Pickleball Play makes organizing doubles play easy and hassle free.

  • Never play with the same partner
  • Easily add players who arrive late and remove players who leave early
  • Spares sit out in order, even if the roster changes
  • Players are arranged in random order every time
  • Store and save as many leagues as you like
  • This specialized algorithm can accommodate any number of players and any number of courts
  • No wifi required!

Choose League

  1. Tap on “Add” to start a new league, or select a league that you created previously.
  2. To remove a league, just swipe left on the row to delete.

Set Attendance

  1. Tap on “Add” to add new players. Once all the players have been added, tap “Done”.
  2. All players are selected by default. Deselect players by tapping their name.  A green ball will indicate which players will be attending.
  3. To remove a player, just swipe left on the row to delete.
  4. Tap “Continue”

Set up Games

  1. Select the number of courts you will be using.
  2. Tap “Continue”


  1. Use the down arrow to expand a game. You will see the lineup of players for each court.  The list of spares will show below the court assignments.
  2. The current game is indicated with a green ball next to it. To indicate that a game is complete, tap the green ball.  It will turn grey and the next game will open.
  3. If new players arrive or a player leaves, make sure that green ball is beside the next game to be played.  Then tap “Adjust”.  You can add or remove players here. Tap “Continue” to go back to the lineup.