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What if I don't have an Apple Watch?

Games and Player Profiles can be manually input into your iPhone or iPad.

Can I use Pickleball Score Keeper on my iPad?

Games can be manually input using the iPad, but the Apple Watch cannot be connected to the iPad.

Does Pickleball Score Keeper work with Apple's Health Data?

Yes! Pickleball Score Keeper will track heart rate, step count, distance travelled, duration of workout and calories burned.

How do I specify my Partner and Opponents?

First, tap the Player tab at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the + button to add a new player.

Once the player is added, just tap on the green text where it says “Partner”, “Opponent A” or “Opponent B”

Why can't I add a game when I'm not one of the players?

Pickleball Score Keeper is specifically designed to keep your personal records of Pickleball matches played.

Encourage your friends to download Pickleball Score Keeper to manage their own statistics!

How do I track my own unforced errors?

If you are using the Apple Watch to score your game, just swipe to the RIGHT when you make an unforced error.

Reducing unforced errors is KEY to improving your game.

How do I track unforced errors for other players?

If a match is being scored with the Apple Watch, a spectator can follow the match using your iPhone.

Just tap on the “Live Match” tab.

Unforced errors can be tracked for each player on court using the +/- buttons.

After the match has ended remember to press Save to keep these counts on the device.

What is a Live Match?

If the Apple Watch is being used to score a match, spectators can use the paired iPhone to follow the progress.

Match scores will display in real time!

Note: Live Match is only available when a paired Apple Watch is being used to score the match.


Michael Gauthier - Freedom Photography

Michael Gauthier - Freedom Photography

Michael Gauthier - Freedom Photography

Michael Gauthier - Freedom Photography