Pickleball Scorekeeper

Pickleball Score Keeper is the first Pickleball app designed for Apple Watch. It turns your Apple Watch into a simple and easy-to-use score tracking device. All matches are stored on your iPhone and key statistics give you insights on how to improve your game.
– Keep track of all your matches (with or without an Apple Watch)
– Singles and doubles match modes
– Identify teammates and opponents
– Track your unforced errors
– Service statistics
– Player database to keep notes on opponent strengths and weaknesses
– Follow live matches point by point
– Integrates with Health app (steps taken, running distance, maximum heart rate, calories burned) to help you gain insight into your Pickleball workouts as well as to monitor how hard your opponents make you work

How to use the Watch app:

It is so simple. Just start the app from your Apple Watch.

– Select game setup (i.e.: Doubles, Game to 11, Win by 2)

– Swipe towards you when you win a rally.

– Swipe away from you when you lose a rally.

– Swipe right to record an unforced error.

– Swipe left to undo.



* For best results, start the swipe in the middle of the watch face.

Scores are spoken aloud and gentle vibrations allow you to continue play without looking at your watch. You must have your watch audio turned on.
Player positions and current server are shown on the watch face in case you lose track.

The watch is by default set to wake to the watch face. If Pickleball Score Keeper does not open on Wrist Raise gesture during a match, please do the following from the watch home screen:
1. Tap Settings > tap General > tap Wake Screen
2. Make sure that “Wake Screen on Wrist Raise” is turned on.
3. Scroll down to “Resume to: Previous Activity” and checkmark.

Pickleball Score Keeper is evolving with the features YOU want. Please don’t be shy to use the Feedback button on the Pickleball Score Keeper iPhone app to contact us with ideas and suggestion. We welcome your feedback.