Multiply 2048

Multiply 2048 is an addictive and fun iPhone/iPad game that will improve your multiplication skills.

Multiply 2048 is a modified version of the original 2048 by Gabriele Cirulli.

Why did I make yet another version of this game? The reason is because when I watched my kids and their friends play this addictive game over and over again, I realized that every player had memorized every number required to win 2048. I thought that here was an amazing opportunity to get kids to use the times tables over and over and over again!

I am a mother and I also tutor kids in math, so I knew this was an opportunity to get those multiplication facts into those young minds!

Many times the kids that need help in grades 4 – 7 are weak in recalling their times tables. This basic knowledge is fundamental for continuing with division, factors, fraction and eventually algebra. It’s no wonder we lose these students in higher math, because the more difficult concepts are harder to understand if you can’t see the patterns and factors quickly and easily.

So here it is. A fun, addictive math game! Give it try and see if you can your kids playing Multiply 2048 Style and improving their math skills.