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How To Play

Select a level for the times table you want to practice, then try to reach the goal (level x 12).


Moving Tiles

Swipe up, down, left or right to move all the tiles in one direction.


Merging Tiles

When two tiles with the same value touch, they merge into one.



You win when you reach your goal!


It Takes Practice

Once the board fills up, you will need to try again.  Take breaks when you need to.


Mastering the times tables requires understanding, memorization and repetition. With Multiply 2048 Style, children will do ALL of these things.


Why This Multiplication Math Game Works

Children will love playing this game and they won’t even realize that they are learning their times tables at the same time.


Each level requires the player to calculate and review the times tables up to 12. Players will quickly understand how two tiles merge and how adding the same number relates to multiplying.


To win Multiply 2048 Style, players will repeatedly calculate and review their multiplication facts for each times table. This game can be addictive, so take breaks as needed.


The multiplication equation for each product is displayed within each tile. Each tile is also colour coded so that players have another visual cue to help them to recognize and remember patterns.


The original 2048 game has been enjoyed by both children and adults for hours on end. You may as well be learning and improving your math skills while playing games at the same time.


Importance of Learning the Times Tables

Having the ability to recognize and recall the times tables up to 12 is incredibly important in providing the base required for more advanced math concepts.  Mastering the times tables will make division, fractions, factoring and eventually algebra infinitely easier to understand.
Unfortunately, it is common to see students struggle around grade 8 where fractions and factoring become more complicated.  Almost every time, the root of the problem is the inability to recognize simple multiplication facts.
Please encourage your children to master their times tables by the end of grade 3 and start them with the tools they need to succeed in mathematics.

Why I Made Multiply 2048 Style

I was watching my daughter play the original version of the 2048 and I noticed that she had easily memorized the sequence of numbers required to win the game.  I realized that there was an amazing opportunity to use this addictive game to help students to instantly recall their times tables.  As a math tutor, I know there are many kids who could benefit from this and so, I set about coding a new version of 2048.

I hope that Multiply 2048 Style will help your kids to master their multiplication tables and keep them up to date with their times tables over the summer and the school year.

What Players are Saying About Multiply 2048 Style

Multiply 2048 Style looks super clean and it’s that minimalistic aesthetic that is what everyone likes right now.
I like the colours and the way the game makes sense in the pursuit of learning multiplication.
Clean and nice!

Audrey, Age 14